Using NativeInput plugin stops app from working in iphone emulator


Hi there. I am attempting to use the NativeInput plugin with my app. I have it working with the scanner on my iphone, but when I try test it using the iPhone emulator on my mac it gives me the following error:

"TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'cordova.plugins.NativeInput.hide') - undefined:undefined"

I have run


in my onDeviceReady function so the item should be present in the dom. The fact that it works with scanner and not with the emulator implies to me that I need to include the plugin somewhere in my app. I cannot seem to find any documentation that refers to this though…

Any ideas?


To use plugins in the simulator, you need to create a simulator build using the cloud build service with the plugin set up in the build config. Once you have downloaded the simulator build, you need to replace the standard scanner simulator build with your new one – it should be in the steroids folder in your global npm packages location, under something like steroids/node_modules/steroids-ios-packages/.... Find the Simulator build in there, and replace it with your new one (giving it the same name).


On my Mac, the location is /Users/ben/.nvm/v0.10.38/lib/node_modules/steroids/node_modules/steroids-ios-packages/simulators/


cheers dude! So basically I need to update the local build each time I make changes - yikes! I’ll give it a bash.


Well, only every time you add or remove a plugin!