Unzip on android


when unzip on android will be possible ? it is on plan ? thanks a lot !
refer to :


You’re the first one asking after the unzip API :smiley:

Is there any reason why you cannot unzip on your backend? Unzipping is a cpu intensive task which you should offload to the backend if you in any means can.


Yes of course i can, but i want to download some demo website on localhost for offline demo. I can download files by files with a list but… it’s a little bit painfull. When you want to download many files, zip files are the best for connection. If it’s not on plan ok, i will try an other way but…if you give the functionality on iOS, you should do the same for Android


Unzip is an internal api which is not implemented on Android, we don’t yet know whether it’ll make it or not. For optimizing with compressed data, you can configure your backend to automatically compress the connection on the fly (I guess that’s supported by the WebView). Then you’ll only have to deal with downloading several files instead of one zip file.


I also need unzip functionality on Android. any plan on it? or is there any other plugin that does that and can work well with steroids?


I need the same unzip on Android, would be great if you implement this. Any plans for this?