Supersonic spinner show by click on back-button


Hey guys,

I’m currently having a problem which i can not solve on my current project.

In the Project, every time i click on the back button of a view which i opened, an spinner shows up and it is not going away. It just spins and says “Saving…”. I have already tracked down, where this spinner is called, which is in the /dist/supersonic/ folder. There are several supersonic.js files in which such spinners are called.

I have already created a new project to look if this spinner show up there, but i didn’t.

So how can i solve this problem?

Best regards,


On which platform do you see this problem?


Platform was Android.

But i have already resolved the problem. The cause of this was, that I had a head-tag in the second view.

I don’t really know why, but if you have a head-tag on your second, third, … view, there will always be the function called