Supersonic and Facebook login plugin


sure you choose the name of the app yourself… doesnt matter which source you use…
you choose that name when you build the app using steroids build-service.


I see I can enter: Display Name, Package Identifier, Version code, Version Number

I guess it is this Package identifier you mean…




I was just away from one hour, I clicked “update settings”. Now when I go back, there is no keystore file attached, passwords are blank, … Still not sure how to Create the Scanner build.


every single time you create a build… you have to upload your keystore again and refill the passwords…
a scanner build is just the normal config and when you actually build you select the scanner version instead of adhoc or googleplay… dont forget to add camera access in the buildconfig, when your making a scannerbuild


*you’re -.-


I’ve made a post about my process/progress so far, trying to provide a little more details (incl. screenshots) to your post. Should make it a little more clear for newbies like me :wink:

Thanks again :slight_smile:


add camera access in the buildconfig? It is not checked by default? Looks to me like they are all checked by default (see Android Permission section with screenshot in my post)

  1. thanks for mentioning me :wink:
  2. yaa… im in the habit of unchecking everything my app doesnt need…
    first time i did the build i also unchecked the camera… which well… wasn’t good :wink:


Glad to mention your awesome contributions Christof :slight_smile:

Please read my blog post and let me know if I have anything wrong/misunderstanding or whatever… Looking forward to continue after lunch.

I never got an email notifying me about a completed build. How could that be? I thought it would use my profile email or notify me if I’m missing any crucial information/fields required for the build!? Any ideas why?

PS: Will update my post to uncheck all except Camera as well, should keep it more “light” I guess…


flew over your post… looks all good :slight_smile: one thing though - i was too lazy to mention it… in your screenshot you gave your scanner build a version of 1.0.0 … that’ll lead to nagging output of steroids-cli that there is a new scanner version available… if you use 4.0.2 … which i think is the current version for the scanner, than that will stop :wink:


Ah, thanks. Will fix that ASAP. Couldn’t figure out how to Initiate the build. Finally discovered that this is to be done via those blue drop down menus, with edge versions like 4.0.4-edge2. Lots of options, but I went with the last one Android with WebView. Is that “correct”?


personally i’d select the Crosswalk option… If im not mistaken, Webview is the “old” native implementation… where Crosswalk is a Chromium-based webview supplied by steroids-buildservice… so if you build with Crosswalk, that should give you a better cross-platform-experience, i.e. android & ios behaving more consistent for all browsery things :wink:

i am not completely sure about this, but i think i read it somewhere… so thats my statement :smiley:


Great! With respect to the version which needs to be 4.0.2 or higher?
There are: Version code, Version code for 2.3 and Version name on the Android configuration page. Which ones do I need to update? or is it somewhere else?


“you gave your scanner build a version of 1.0.0”

huh? I thought it was the version of my app?


its the version name field… yes… for a normal build its the version of your app… but you’re doing a scannerbuild to be able to develop further using the plugins… so for the scannerbuild it should be smth >= 4.0.2 otherwise steroids-cli nags you about it…

once you make your final build… use whatever version name you feel is appropriate :wink:


Great!!! I updated my blog post to reflect all this new knowledge… pretty complicated but now I think people have a good chance of understanding how all this infrastructure plays together!
I’m sharing it with some of my dev friends, so they will provide feedback if it is clear enough for them as well to get going :slight_smile: Thanks again :)))))



Were you ever able to get the Facebook authentication working?
From what I understand you had difficulty finding files. I also see that the Kitchen Sink sample app no-longer includes Facebook authentication

If so I would appreciate it if you could share a sample application and / or refer me to details on how you got it working.