Steroids Facebook plugin promise is never resolved


About two weeks ago, we started having issues with the steroids Facebook plugin. The FB auth process appears to complete properly (both with and without the native Facebook app installed), but once it completes, the login() method promise is forever pending. It is neither resolved nor rejected. We went as far as using the cordova facebook plugin directly, and neither the success nor failure callbacks get called (we posted a similar issue with a custom built plugin here Third party plugin success callback not firing).

This Facebook plugin issue is happening on both Android and iOS, in both our custom scanners and the Play/App Store builds.

Android Build version: 4.2.1 with Platform Webview
iOS Build version: 4.0.10

Bounty for Help with Facebook Plugin
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Were you ever able to get the Facebook authentication working?

The Kitchen Sink sample app no-longer includes Facebook authentication.

I would appreciate it if you could share very basic sample application and / or refer me to details on how to get the Facebook plugin working.


Yes, we eventually got it working. We determined that the cause was not calling Logout on the FB auth plugin. If Logout is not called, the plugin remains in a state where attempting to log in never works.


Thanks for your prompt response. Do you know of, or have a basic sample app that can demonstrate the use of the Facebook auth plugin?


Unfortunately, I don’t. I’ve since moved on from the project where I needed this and haven’t used steroids/supersonic since.