Should we still consider steroids/supersonic as alternative to React Native / PhoneGap / Xamarin


I need to start to develop one of a series of 3 app for one of my customers… I was wondering if you guys would still consider steroids as an option or there hasn’t been any improvement in the last months. Is there someone still using it by any chance? I have 5 apps done with steroids and I have a bad feeling that one day apple will release a new ios and the app will stop working and no fix will be released.

Please I don’t wan’t to start a protest just know your thoughts… thanx


this post may contain the answer you are looking for.


Yeah I was reading it…what does it means? is AppGyver dead?


Theyr way to maintain the community sucks… I understood they were at least 10 people working @ AppGyber but noone of them is taking care of the community… BUT this doesn’t mean is dead.


Well, they won’t add any new feature until they release something else that they won’t talk about. They also don’t browse the forum that much, and they won’t fix any bug if it’s not “something fundamental broken”.

If supersonic/steroids, as they are, are enough for you, and you know you won’t need help (because no one will answer on the forum), you could use them. If you wan’t something more (without the native ui elements part), then you may wan’t to use something else.

How to? It used to work