Push Notifications plugin does not work in the background for Android



I’ve read all the topics here as well as on Github.

My situation is next. Push Notifications Plugin does not work for me on Android when an app is in the background (e.g. when I switch to another app). But it does work in the foreground - I can receive a push notification and handle it correctly (there is nothing in notification center when my app is in the foreground).

I’ve tried all the combinations of builds - 4.0.6, 4.0.7-edge, 4.0.5, etc… As well as a next version - {"source":"https://github.com/AppGyver/PushNotifications#next"}.

I tried also all other forks, as well as https://github.com/fidoboy/PushNotifications.git.

How to fix this???

The strange thing is that 2 months ago I was researching this situation and resolved it by using use the plugin from https://github.com/fidoboy/PushNotifications.git and it worked just fine. I did build the Scanner with that plugin and I can use it on Android today to receive push messages in the background.

BUT, I can’t build the scanner one more time with the same plugin to make it working for a new build… Maybe the build has changed, maybe the plugin… So, now, when I was going to compile the final app with the plugin it does not work…


any joy?
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