Problems to install on iOS 11


Hello !

I am currently working on an iOS app built with Supersonic and I have few problems to install on my iOS device, it is an Ipad mini 3. I manage to build the application on the cloud services, but when I try to install the “ipa” file on my Ipad, it says “There was an internal API error”. I searched about it, and few people talked about “non english name” in the app mobileprovision. However, mine do not have these.

I tried with the Ad Hoc and Scanner build. Does the default scanner of AppGyver has the Sqlite plugin in the last version ? I manage to see an error when I use this scanner, window.sqlitePluginis undefined, when steroids.on(‘ready’) is trigged.

Thank you ! :slight_smile:


Solved ! The default scanner have not the sqlite plugin. I tried to install the application in debug mode and it works!