Parse shutting down


For parse users, what is your next move? I was currently going through the documentation to move my app there, but now it looks like I can’t. Anybody have any good recommendations for backend services and push?


I use Parse as my data backend because Appgyver offers a direct interface for it. Now it would be fantastic, if there would be some easy substitute :wink:

thx for sharing Khireke



I just migrated an app over to Kinvey this week, and I’m pretty happy. Kinvey has almost the exact same features as Parse, and actually has a more natural API (you interact with objects normally, not with .get() and .set()). Similar free tier too.


that sounds awesome. What was the transition like? did you have to recreate scaffolds and such, or was it more simple than that?


It all depends how you separated the concerns in your code. Unfortunately it was an app I had thrown together very quickly and with little regard to maintainability so I had quite a lot of work to do to rewrite the parts that interacted with Parse but if you’ve been careful to keep your data layer separate, it’s pretty much just changing every line that contains the word Parse and replacing .get(' with .

Obviously we don’t know how long Kinvey’s going to last either…


haha any indication they could be acquired/shut down?

I’ve been using for my app’s backend this past year, but need to move to something more flexible and easier to use going forward – kinvey looks like a good deal. Not sure if I should just generate new scaffolds or if should just continue with my existing views.


No they seem pretty solid, but who knows really. I don’t know anything about but ideally your views should be backend-agnostic?


I’ve been using for two small production apps but they have just sent me pricing and at US$500 a month for two small apps it’s a bit out of my budget. Am now looking to move the backend at short notice and was thinking of parse.


Yeah as I said I wanted Parse because of all the hand-holding and built in push/analytics. I’m not that experienced of a developer so moving the backend on to amazon web services or google cloud services is not really an option. has worked great for me for a year but yeah, it’s really expensive. Parse would’ve been a good transition because of appgyver’s built-in scaffolding, but kinvey is looking like the next best alternative.