navigationBar hide


Ok, this is an old one.

I’m trying to build an app with absolutely no navigation bars.

I can see lots of topics regarding this subject, but no good solution is provided…

Reading the docs at:, it states:
Hides the native navigation bar application wide

On the supersonic docs page too:
Hides the native navigation bar for the current view.

But it doesn’t… It shows the navigation bar until the page transition is finished and then hides it… Of course, this is not an elegant solution…

I’ve removed all the <super-navbar> references. On the rootView it works perfectly, but once I use a <super-navigate> to go to another page, it shows the navigation bar…

I’ve manage to follow another post and I’m building my navigation with javascript and it works fine, but I’m wondering if this supersonic.ui.navigationBar.hide(); should work and I’m just using it wrong…

Does anyone has a successful experience with supersonic.ui.navigationBar.hide(); or steroids.view.navigationBar.hide();?