Navigation and Tab Bar not native


Hi there,

I’m working on an app based on steroids that needs to run both on mobile and on the browser.

Is there any components (like the buttons and such) for navigation and tab bar that aren’t native (and work on the browser)?

Ionic, framework7 and others have it but I’d like to stick to steroids and that’s the only thing missing for me.



You could create your own navigation bar and style it yourself. I don’t think such thing exists with steroids.


Hi there

Thanks for the answer.

I’ll stop using steroids and I’ll use onsenui


@Miguel_Manso, I use steroids with Material Angular JS ( for visual components. My entire interface works just fine in the browser.
Everything on the app - except the hardware device calls - are made like a regular angular based web project (html5 + js + css).
Steroids suggests the usage of Supersonic, but it doesn’t force you … I choose not to use it because I wanted the layout to appear seamless, and I find on Material Angular an option of api which has all the components and layout tools I would need. I dont like that thing of using one component of each library. I know it is possible, and good frameworks are well isolated, but even though, I don’t like the idea.

In my project I use the app folder to code my angular modules
And the www/ folder to put my html templates
The entire flow of my app I do with angular-route …

I would suggest you to make create a single page project, add the visual api sources of your choice to the the bower dependencies, and give it a try …

Best Regards.