Native Input Dissapearing When Main Body Pressed


I’ve just deployed a test build of my app to my iphone (using TestFlight). When I open a specific type of view (a chat thread) the following is run, setting up Native Input


This shows the native input plugin as expected. The curser is immediately within the input field once the view opens, and the soft keyboard opens too. When I click into the main window (to scroll down the chat history), the input is deselected as expected, the soft keyboard closes, as expected, but the Native Input bar at teh bottom completely dissappears with no obvious way to get it back. If I enter another chat thread the same behaviour is observed.

This bug does not occur when I test using the scanner on my iPhone, it’s only come about when actually deployed to the appstore and to an iPhone running iOS9.

Is this my misconfiguration of the plugin or a bug? I can’t see it listed on the github repo :confused:


Have you filed an issue on the github repo?


I see someone has filed this on my behalf. Lets hope for a quick solution…