Mac High Sierra Update Breaks Steroids!


I updated my Mac to High Sierra last night, and I can no longer successfully run “steroids connect”. The output I get follows:

$ steroids connect

            __   AppGyver           .__    .___
     ______/  |_  ___________  ____ |__| __| _/______ 2
    /  ___\   ___/ __ \_  __ \/  _ \|  |/ __ |/  ___/
    \___ \ |  | \  ___/|  | \(  <_> |  / /_/ |\___ \
   /____  >|__|  \___  |__|   \____/|__\____ /____  >
        \/           \/                     \/    \/

Running "steroids-make-fresh" task

Running "steroids-check-project" task

Running "steroids-check-project-bower-dependencies" task
Project has bower dependencies installed... OK

Running "steroids-check-project-xml:www" (steroids-check-project-xml) task
Project has valid XML configuration files... OK

Running "steroids-clean-dist" task

Running "clean:dist" (clean) task
>> 1 path cleaned.

Running "steroids-copy-www" task

Running "copy:www" (copy) task

Running "steroids-compile-coffee" task

Running "coffee:compile_www" (coffee) task
>> 0 files created.

Running "steroids-copy-components" task

Running "copy:components" (copy) task
Created 43 directories, copied 272 files

Running "steroids-configure" task
No file found at www/config.xml, skipping.

Running "steroids-module-copy-assets:app" (steroids-module-copy-assets) task

Running "steroids-module-compile-views:app" (steroids-module-compile-views) task

Running "steroids-module-compile-scripts" task

Running "steroids-module-compile-coffeescript" task

Running "coffee:modules" (coffee) task
>> 0 files created.

Running "steroids-module-copy-javascript" task

Running "copy:modules" (copy) task
Copied 23 files

Running "steroids-module-concat-javascript:modules" (steroids-module-concat-javascript) task

Running "concat:module-admin" (concat) task
File dist/app/admin.js created.

Running "concat:module-amity" (concat) task
File dist/app/amity.js created.

Running "concat:module-common" (concat) task
File dist/app/common.js created.

Running "concat:module-drawer" (concat) task
File dist/app/drawer.js created.

Running "concat:module-login" (concat) task
File dist/app/login.js created.

Running "concat:module-secretary" (concat) task
File dist/app/secretary.js created.

Running "clean:tmp" (clean) task
>> 1 path cleaned.

Running "steroids-module-copy-default-native-styles" task

Running "copy:native" (copy) task
Copied 2 files

Running "steroids-module-compile-default-native-styles" task
Native SASS/SCSS files found, compiling...

Running "sass:native-app" (sass) task
Warning: spawn sass ENOENT Use --force to continue.

Aborted due to warnings.

I have walked through the steroids install tutorial, and all steps work fine. “steroids login” shows that I’m already logged in. My assumption is that High Sierra updated a dependency that I rely on, but I have no idea what it is… and I’m not an expert on node, nvm, etc. and I’m not sure where to start.


Thanks in advance…


Steroids Install Wizard Failure

I tried to install steroids on a new install of High Sierra and I run into an issue

ENOENT: no such file or directory (...)/node_modules/.abbrev

Tried to npm cache clean and npm cache verify but still same issue


Hi, Jeremy

Judging by the line > "Warning: spawn sass ENOENT Use --force to continue."
It appears that the sass was not found, probably due to an error in npm install or any other environment issue.
This issue: reports a problem with the node sass just eight days after your post.
And that one is related a sass issue specifically related to the Mac OS High Sierra:
I think you should try the proposals of the last link
I’m using the High Sierra too, but steroids is working just fine…


Hi, David1

Check your node version, try to update and repeat the steroids install proccess.
If you’re already using the node’s latest version, you can try to clean the node_modules folders manually
Try to check any warnings during the npm install command, specially anything with the words “permission” or “ENOENT” it could give you a hint of what to do next …


Many thanks! I’ve gotten by so far by Time Machine-ing myself back to pre-High Sierra, and ignoring Apple’s (insistent) requests for me to upgrade again. We’re careening towards a release at the moment, but I’ll flag this for a retry. I appreciate the response!