[iOS] If back button is tapped quickly enough while a new view is opening, the NavBar title and button change into the the title and button of the original layer


Navigation bar settings are wrongly transfer when opening a new view with different navigation bar settings but pressing the back button quickly enough would cause the new view receive the navigation bar settings of the original view.

For example:
I’m in the homepage with title Home and no back button in the nav bar.
I open a new page and the nav bar is updated with the new title and a back button. If I click quickly the back button in the nav bar, the nav bar is updated to the previous settings (Title home and no back button) but the page display is not the home page. I have no way to go back to my home page and I’m stuck with the new page.


Is this on iOS or Android?


Hi, it happens in iOS


I’ve just encountered this, but it doesn’t matter how quickly you tap < Back – I can reliably reproduce the title changing but the view remaining. However, this only happens when I have previously called supersonic.ui.layers.popAll() (i.e. before pushing the view that breaks). I replaced that previous call with supersonic.ui.layers.pop() and everything works fine. Don’t know if this helps.


I can reliably reproduce this bug with just the kitchen sink app on iOS.

Just tap the “Navigate to another view” link followed by the “< Back” as the view is loading. Do this a couple of times (quickly) and the navigation bar becomes out of sync with the view.

Not sure what the root issue is, but it’s causing a lot of problems in my own app.

Any ideas?