iOS 11 and (upcoming mandatory) 64-bit support


When starting the app in emulator, I receive a pop up saying: “‘AppGyver’ Needs To Be Updated. This app will not work with future versions of iOS. The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility.”

Apparently this is because the app does not have 64-bit support. Is this only an emulator problem or does this affect production builds, too?

I know you are ramping down Supersonic development efforts but if this is a problem with production builds, too, is there going to be fix available for this? If not, all of the iOS apps developed with AppGyver are going to be useless when iOS 11 gets released.


We are also interested by iOS 11 support and really hope this will be taken in consideration


The wrapper has been 64-bit since 2015, so this shouldn’t be a problem for the production builds. Once iOS 11 Beta rolls around, the plan is to promptly ensure everything works.

Although, as happened with Pixate, there’s a caveat that we might have to drop some some non-Composer-specific features that would be too work-heavy to fix/port over properly. That said, I don’t really see any features that would be at risk of blowing up at this point, so hopefully everything goes smoothly.


Thank you very much for your response !


Is this true also for the scanner app used inside emulator (

The scanner app crashes instantly on iOS 11 emulator. The error message indicates this is because the Simulator app is not 64-bit compatible:

Termination Reason:    DYLD, [0x9] <unknown>

Dyld Error Message:
  dyld_sim not compatible mach-o