How to use iBeacon without Mac OSX device and/or Apple Developer account


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Here is my question…
I’m currently trying to write some app for iOS. App should comunicate with beacons through iBeacon. I’ve found iBeacon in ngCordova but then it didn’t work. I found that page with plugins included in scanner: default cordova plugins .

So now I should download iBeacon cordova plugin, include it and use it with ngCordova right? But there comes my problem. I don’t have device with Mac OSX and Apple Developer account. So, is there any other way to create (in scanner of course) app that can communicate using iBeacon?

I have one device with Android, maybe I should build it for Android and use it there? Is that good idea?


I’m afraid you’re going to find it increasingly difficult to develop for iOS without a Mac of some sort. However, if I remember correctly, you should be able to create a custom scanner using the AppGyver build service with the iBeacon plugin included. Then you can download it to your Windows/Linux computer, and install it on your iOS device using iTunes.


Yes and that’s problem. I don’t have files (.p12 etc) required to create scanner app. My app is only prototype so I just want try something. No matters at all if it will be Android or ios. So only solution is to create Android app right? :slightly_smiling:


Yes, although it is possible to create all the required files (.p12, etc) using a non-Mac machine, using OpenSSL. Google for that if you want to try.


But active Apple Developer accound is still required?


Oh yes it is, sorry, forgot about that part!


Don’t worry and thatks for your help :slight_smile: So I’ll try to build everything for Android and then we will see if I’m able to run iBeacon :slight_smile: