How do I hide the navigation bar when running supersonic.ui.layers.push?


I was able to do this easily with steroids.layers.push.


Don’t think you can yet, just use steroids.layers.push


But this would still not work 100% for Android, correct?


I thought it would - does it not?


It’s still pretty slow on Android…


When will this option be implemented? I am trying to switch over to Supersonic, but I have found quite a few essential configurations that are only available on Steroids. :stuck_out_tongue:


+1. I love the idea of Supersonic, but when might it have 100% feature parity with Steroids?


Any update 2 years later?

I can’t figure out how to open a layer or a modal with hidden navigation bar, and it bothers me a lit because steroids.layers.push() is way slower than supersonic.ui.layers.push()!


the update


Oh, thanks for the update… massive one actualy! :sweat_smile: