Hiding the nav bar


I have created a steroids project using single page project - not supersonic.
And I edited all the html to my design. But still the nav bar exists - I don’t know how to hide\delete this nav bar.
Any ideas how can I do that?


Looks like this is the only way at the moment: http://docs.appgyver.com/supersonic/api-reference/stable/supersonic/ui/navigationbar/hide/


The navigation bar should not appear by default. Are you sure there are no web components anywhere? Also, supersonic.ui.layers.push will show the navigation bar in the next view.


Yes I am 100% sure. I know that is weird.
But what Ben suggested did the trick for me.


It is a bit of a hack though…!


Any update an that issue guys?

I can’t figure out how to open a layer or a modal with hidden navigation bar, and it bothers me a lit because steroids.layers.push() is way slower than supersonic.ui.layers.push()!