Help regarding Apple App Store submission and cryptography


Hi everyone. This is a long shot but does anyone have any experience with App Store submission and the cryptography question? We are only using the Keychain plugin to store passwords – no other form of encryption at all. There are a million different opinions online, and no concrete answers, and after an hour of Googling I have got nowhere. Any guidance anyone can give would make my day :slight_smile:


You help me so much that I would like to help you but your question is to difficult for me…
If I hear about it, I will tell you.


Oh thanks :slight_smile: in the end we went for it and acquired an β€œERN” from the U.S. government to allow us to use standard encryption (keychain, https, etc) and we have just now passed export compliance. So if you or anyone else needs help on how to do this just ask.