Google Analytics plugin


I can’t seem to get the google analytics plugin working properly. I’ve followed all the instructions and added debug code to my app which claims the plugin initialises correctly and that my trackPage() call executes successfully. However I can’t see any data going into my google analytics dashboard.

I am using this plugin in an ad-hoc build:

Any ideas anyone?


I have successfully used this plugin on iOS with data flowing to Google Analytics. However, without any further information I don’t know how I could I help you. Try issuing the analytics command directly from Safari debugger console. If they show up in Google Analytics, then you have a error in your Javascript code.


I will give the safari debugger a go but like I said the trackPage() executes successfully as it fires the success callback. With the following result “trackPage: url = /show-post-angular.html”.

I also get a success for init() with the following response: “initGa: accountID = UA-XXXXXXX-1; Interval = 10 seconds”. I have replaced the real GA code with XXXXXXX. The app responds with the correct value.


No idea, sorry. Try searching for common configuration error / usage on Google Analytics from StackOverflow or such. The GAPlugin should be pretty widely used.


No worries I appreciate your response. I will keep playing.


Weirdly the data just started showing up in the dashboard. Even real-time data! Oh well at least it works. There must be a delay at GA’s end in allowing data through.


Good to hear :slight_smile: happy hacking



Our scanner shows the success callback and crashed a second later. How should we integrate the plugin.xml? We just have an

Any hints?

Kind regards, Carlo