Facebook Graph API version outdated on Facebook Connect add-on?



I’m using the paid Facebook Add-on on my app, and I recentry recieved a Facebook Developpers Alert that says:

Your App, Baroudeur, is currently accessing API Graph v2.3 which will reach the end of its 2-year lifetime on 10 July, 2017. We estimate 5 endpoints that Baroudeur calls will be impacted by this change and may stop working after the automatic upgrade push. To ensure a smooth transition, please migrate all calls to API Graph v2.4 ou version ultérieure.

Do I have to worry about that?

All I can see that relates to Facebook API version is the lines 155 to 165 of add-on’s facebookConnectPlugin.js file that say:

browserInit: function (appId, version) {
	if (!version) {
		version = "v2.0";
		appId      : appId,
		cookie     : true,
		xfbml      : true,
		version    : version

Will my users still be able to connect with Facebook after July 10th or do I need to do something?

I believe this alert comes from Appgyver’s Facebook Add-on as I’m not using Facebook JS anywhere else.