Facebook, Google, and Microsoft live login


I am developing an app for iOS and Android. I need to add Facebook, Google, and Microsoft login into the app. I noticed there is an oauth add-on, but from my understanding this is a paid service and there are limits to the number of requests. This is not something I would like. I am very new to Appgyver and was wondering if anyone has successfully implemented oauth login into their app with out the oauth add-on? There are some libraries such as https://github.com/nraboy/ng-cordova-oauth which implement oauth into cordova applications, but I am unsure how (if even possible with supersonic) to take a library like this an implement into appgyver since the structure is different. If someone could show a step by step guide how to implement oauth with multiple oauth providers such as Facebook and Google that would be greatly appreciated and I think it is a feature many people would benefit from.


I am sorry I meant to post this in the general area, but can’t seem to delete this post.