Facebook Connect: "Cannot read property 'facebook' of undefined"


Hi guys!

So I’m trying to make the Facebook Connect working using Steroids Add-ons, as I already did on a previous app, but this time, when I’m doing this:


I catch this error:

Cannot read property ‘facebook’ of undefined

I’ve followed the doc, added the source of phonegap-facebook-plugin.git with variables in the build settings, and included /components/steroids-addons/index.js in my layout.html.

Any of you have an idea of what could cause that error?



If you are using the paid addons, you may want to contact directly AppGyver team via email.

If not, share with us the plugin that you are using so we can help you.


Hi Amine,

Yes I’m using paid Steroids Add-ons.

I just sent an email to AppGyver, I hope they’ll be able to help me.


They don’t visit the forum that much anymore.

They’ll answer quicker if you contact them by another mean (Here, they talk about online and phone support.).


I’ve checked all the steps to Add-ons installation, and I re-ran the commande:

$ bower install <your-steroids-addons-url> --save

It solved the problem, I guess there has been an issue I missed on the first time!