Facebook addon login always opens web dialog in iOS



I bought the steroids addons because I want to use the facebook plugin in my app, but now I have problems, If I try to login to facebook using the facebook steroids addon(v3.5.1) in my iPhone it’s only show me the facebook login in a web dialog no matter if I have installed the facebook app, I would like to use the facebook app instead.
In Android works fine but no in iOS.

I was reviewing the documentation of the plugin Wizcorp/phonegap-facebook-plugin and I found that they talk about that problem

I set on the deep linking in my facebook app but the problem continue, Do you have any idea about this error?


Can you give us a bit more details? What iOS version and phone are you using? What version of Facebook app? Are you logged in in the Facebook app? What about in the Settings app’s Facebook section?


Hi, it was my mistake, I was setting the wrong FB app id. everything works nice now