External push notification support


I have encountered some trouble in an application with Appgyver/supersonic.

I am involved in developing an application and have been given the task to integrate push notifications. We have used the standard plugin from appgyvers website (https://github.com/AppGyver/PushNotifications) to send notifications and it works great. Now we want to switch over using an external service for some “smarter” notifications (push on specified event, scheduled pushes etc). I have tested many different services such as Pushwoosh, Carnival, OneSignal, Localytics and so on.

When I put their repositories for the Cordova plugin in Appgyver and starts a scanner build, it fails. My research has led me to believe that it’s because all the plugins are using gradle (and maybe also Cordova versions newer then 3.5.0). Am I correct that I have to use a plugin without gradle that includes libraries such as Google Play Services in the plugin?

Do you know any external push notification service for both Android and iOS that supports Appgyver / supersonic?

Information concerning my problem:
Forum info about include: Android 4.0.0-edge3 build fails
Forum info about gradle: https://github.com/AppGyver/steroids/issues/1072


Yeah, currently a lot of newer plugins don’t work with AppGyver because of Gradle & Cordova 3.5+ requirements.

We are using Pushwoosh and I got it working for Android - feel free to integrate them directly or just fork it:

JS init with: pushNotification = cordova.require(“com.pushwoosh.plugins.pushwoosh.PushNotification”);

Hope that helps.



It worked! Thank you so much Alex!! :slight_smile: