Disable navigation bar app-wide


Is there a way to desactivate the navigation bar across the app in Supersonic because if i start a view before displaying it eventhough I am using supersonic.navigationBar.hide() in the pushed view


Check out this doc for whenVisible().

You may be able to add that supersonic.navigationBar.hide() code to the callback in that method.

supersonic.ui.views.current.whenVisible( function() {


I tried this once, and what I got was the nav bar displaying, then hiding. I don’t think that’s the desired behavior :smile:


I don’t know that you could do this without cloning steroids and updating the import.html capabilities to remove the <super-navbar>. I noticed the same behavior.

You could use the javascript api for pushing and popping views (instead of <super-navigate>). Then in your view html you would remove the <super-navbar>. This may only work for modals right now. I will have to test.


Wow… that seems prety elaborated for such a simple customization :smile:
Will be checking closely any change or update regarding this, like some config variable or global action.


Where I have to put this code?
I’m a newbie, help me pls :frowning: