Crash on iPhone 7 (iOS) when clicking on an input (only in Layer, not Drawer)


Hi guys!

Well, pretty much everything is in the title.

On iPhone 7 with the lastest version of iOS, when I’m opening a Layer with some inputs in it (can be type text, or even a select), whenever I click on an imput, the app instantly crashes.

I tried many things, but the only way to avoid the crash I found was to replace the Layer by a Modal.

Here’s how I’m opening my layers:

var view = new steroids.views.WebView('/app/baroudeur/'+page+'.html');
	view: view,
	keepLoading: false,
	navigationBar: false,
	tabBar: false

Whenenver I’m replacing that by a function, no more crash.

Any idea of what’s going on?

Edit : same issue if I use supersonic.ui.layers.push() instead of Steroids’ one.