Contacts default plugin needs update


The AppGyver default contact plugin contains a major bug in the pickContact() function that leads to a complete app crash under iOS when trying to retrieve data from linked contacts (meaning almost all contacts for most users using iCloud, google, yahoo…). This bug and a few others have been fixed in the latest cordova-plugin-contacts master version (
I tried adding it as a custom plugin but no success, maybe the default plugin takes over the custom one?
Any workaround or could you please consider an update asap?
Greatly appreciated.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’ll get back to this with information once we have it. Thanks for your patience.


Hi. Any news on this?
I need to release a new app and this is the last major bug blocking this release.
It seems to me that it should be in the priority stack since your current default plugin leads to a complete crash of any app that needs to fetch contacts and so affects the entire Appgyver developers community. Besides the fix already exists and was released several months ago. I know you guys are very busy but this one seems like a quickie :wink:
Otherwise please any workaround would really help.
Thanks for all the efforts.


Hi Ezku. Any news on this please?


Guys. What’s going on with this? Has anyone tried to look at it a bit? I’m still stuck on this.


Hi guys,

Hope everything is well with you. Could you please provide an update on this issue ? We’ve been stuck for a few months and this is a key feature to release our app.

Any information about the delay would be a plus for us !!

All the best.


Hello !

Sorry to come back to this matter again but this is the last feature we need to release our app !

Could you please advise ?

Any information, even a negative answer would be better for us than this. Obviously, our dream would be that you managed to make it work as this is key to our customer journey to have this feature.

Best Regards,



Still crashing on 2016 :confused: