Configure a custom IOS Plugin with iCloud capability


Hello I’m currently developing an application that requires this plugin FilePicker-Phonegap-iOS-Plugin

In the docs of the plugin it says that I have to enable the iCloud on the Xcode project I have enable it on the
iOS Provisioning Profiles (Development) on the Developer Member Center
since I’m using a custom plugin I test it with a custom scanner build I have run the application with the plugin but it doesn’t seem to work

so my questions is how do you enable it on a supersonic app since it doesn’t generate an Xcode project?

I have search at build-settings but I didn’t find anything relevant or a similar configuration.

Any suggestions


Without access to the XCode build service I’m not sure there’s any way you can do this. It might be worth searching to see if you can make this setting in your config.xml, but apart from that I think you may be out of luck. Try contacting AppGyver directly.