Can't write into Firebase


My data backend is Firebase, and I am able to read data without problems, but I’m trying to write some data and it’s not possible.

After some research, I found out that I am getting the following error message:

{ "error": "Upstream API responded with status code: 405" }

When calling this URL:

Any ideas?




Well, I managed to write, but now the records are stored under a random key that I don’t know where or why it’s generated, even when I have my own unique key in the model.

Any ideas?



Were you able to get it sorted out? I’m switching over to firebase soon and hope that it won’t be an issue!


Hey Khireke,

It turns out that can have something to do with AngularJS, as I read somewhere.

After a lot of thinking I’m finally moving out from Appgyver after being an Appgyver evangelist since their beginning, but given the amount of bugs, lack of support and the uncertain future, I prefer to move out before my app gets more complex.

My chosen platform is Xamarin, as it generates native code, it will probably weight less (A simple app with appgyver is 50MB at least), and will go smoother.

That’s just a tip, good luck in any path you chose!