Can't get Angular Translate working on Android (works fine on iOS)


I have an app that’s been translated into various languages using Angular Trenslate, it works fine on iOS but does nothing on Android other than giving a notice to the console about security:

pascalprecht.translate.$translateSanitization: No sanitization strategy has been configured. This can have serious security implications. See for details.

Has anyone encountered anything similar? Any ideas why it works on iOS but not Android?


Did you try going to the provided link ?

It seem to explain all you have to do.


I tried explicitly stating a sanitize strategy but it still doesn’t translate the app. I don’t think that error will effect anything.

This is the code we’re using to detect the language of the device, I think the error might be here because it seems to be failing at or before this point.

$translateProvider.determinePreferredLanguage(function() { var lang = window.navigator.language || window.navigator.userLanguage; switch(lang) { case 'cs-cz': document.documentElement.setAttribute('lang', 'ces'); return 'ces'; ... other languages... ... default: return 'eng'; } });


I never user angular-translate, so I can’t help you with that.

Try using some breakpoints to see what isn’t working, or try asking on the angular-translate forum/issue tracker.