Cannot install cordova plugin - Build fail


I’m trying to use the latest version of Cordova plugin camera but my build is failing and this is the log message:

Adding plugin from:
Failed to fetch package information for cordova-plugin-compat

Any idea?


Updating the Camera plugin directly is unfortunately not possible, as it’s integrated into the native wrapper runtime. What you’d need to do is to fork and namespace the whole package (into like .kamera), so the code doesn’t conflict. It’s a hoop to jump through, but possible.

As for the actual error, our Build Service doesn’t support plugin dependencies with Plugman. You’d have to add the cordova-plugin-compat into your app’s plugins array manually, and then remove the dependency line from plugin.xml.


I removed the cordova-plugin-compat from the plugin.xml and added it to the plugin array so far I didn’t have any problem with that but when I tried to install my plugin camera fork but my builds are still failing.
This is the log file.
I really appreciated if you can help me with this since I’m trying to see if I upgrade the camera version I resolve this issue when I took a picutre.


Could someone help me to get this done, It’s very important and urgent for me try to update the Camera plugin and see if that solves an issue.