Cannot change tab bar background color


I’m trying to style tab bar (ios.css), but I cannot even change the background color. The following does nothing. I only get the default style.

tab-bar, #tab-bar {
  background-color: #34495e;
  color: #1abc9c;

Icon-specific styles seem to work, though.

tab-bar-item#social {
  background-image: url(icons/friends.svg);

I also tried setting the styleId, but this does not help either.


Anyone else with the same problem?



Did you follow this ?

Make sure it’s the right folder for the native style. (app/common/native-styles/ according to the documentation)


I did. Styles for navigation bar etc. work, but tab bar properties don’t seem to work apart from tab item specific styles described above.

Using the latest Scanner and Steroids -version


OK, seems to be an issue with the latest scanner version with iOS 10:


Did you try this workaround ?


I did. That’s a comment I left yesterday on github :slight_smile: