Build 6.0.2-ios10-sdk-release-candidate-1 App Store builds failing (Solved)


I’ve been trying to build App Store builds using (6.0.2-ios10-sdk-release-candidate-1) on the cloud service but it was in queue for over 4 hours and then failed with the error below.

Detected incorrect certificate, should be a distribution certificate! Cert was: 0 valid identities found

I have not changed any build settings except incrementing the version number. Also, I have checked the certificates and they are all valid on the apple developer site. I’ve created an issue on github as well. Is anyone facing a similar issue?


I Had the issue, and solved it by creating another certificate.


I was trying to avoid that. But I guess I’ll have to do that to resolve it ASAP


I don’t think you have another choice :slight_smile:


Had a through look at the apple developer site and found the provisioning profile was expired. Thanks