Basic question about Appgyver offerings


Hi, I am looking for a new development framework/builder for my in progress app. I like what I have read about the supersonic framework and would like to try it. I am confused though about all of Appgyver’s offerings and what they each provide (i.e. supersonic vs steroids vs composer). I would like to use the supersonic framework to get the performance benefit but am also looking to use a visual builder (e.g. composer). I see that there is both composer 1 and composer 2. Can I use the supersonic framework with the composer 2 builder? Or does supersonic have its own builder? Just confused about all the various offerings.


Composer is AppGyver’s visual builder. Steroids is the basic technology that allows JavaScript & HTML to interact with the native OS on iOS and Android. Supersonic is a JavaScript library that makes working with Steroids easier. Working with Steroids & Supersonic directly requires programming experience. Composer uses Supersonic & Steroids “under the hood”.


Thanks very much Ben, your explanation is very helpful. So if I create a basic prototype of my app through creator it will generate an app that uses Steriods & Supersonic so I will be able to gauge the performance of the app? The current version of my app I have built thus far is based on jquery and I am looking for something with more near native performance for navigation & transitions. Thanks!


Should do! I haven’t actually used Composer myself so I can’t vouch for anything but I can say definitely that an app that’s built to make good use of AppGyver technology will undoubtedly have better performance than something relying on jQuery.