Are Steroids Facebook and OAuth plugins production-ready right now?


I have promised Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn SSO for my client as I saw that Steroids offers them as add-on services. I want to be able to use native login as much as I can and only then fall back to in-app browser. However, I first wanted to try the libraries out by myself with official PhoneGap plugins and see out if I run into some troubles.

What I found out was a little distracting. I was able to get to kind of function (sometimes it mistakenly directs me to browser login, sometimes opens up popup twice on Android). But I tried both official PhoneGap plugin ( and ngCordovaOauth module ( and both of them made my app crash. More specifically, both of them had troubles executing I also tried as proposed here: but with no luck.

So Steroids also utilizes the same PhoneGap plugin which I couldn’t get to work by myself. Now my question is: is paid Steroids add-ons currently production-ready?