Appgyver versus Ionic


We started working on some apps a while ago, but got distracted by some other application work!

We are back at looking at platfoms. It seemed Appgyer was stagnat for a while, but now looks like it is coming on strong again. We would love to hear from people that have switched from ionic? We are very comfortable with AngularJS, etc.



If you would like to have native UI speed --> Appgyver
Scrolling long list views on older devices is very slow on Ionic and did not feel “native”.
But be sure there are some limitations on Android which needs to be solved. On iOS everything works really nice.


I went back and forth a few times between the two. I started with Appgyver but was in over my head being new to Angular. Then I tried Ionic which helped my understanding because SPAs are more common. Then I came back to Appgyver when Supersonic came out. But it seemed to have too many Android issues and Android incompleteness regarding features. And binding scopes and communicating across views was more than I was ready to take on.

So I ended up back with Ionic where I’ll probably stay. I’m keeping an eye on Appgyver, but with Ionic 2 / Angular 2 on the horizon, along with WKWebView, it seems like a good place to be.


Just FYI, you don’t need to use Angular at all if you don’t want to with AppGyver


You can also take your Ionic app inside the AppGyver runtime to get the best of the both worlds: single-page goodness of Ionic and the native honey of AppGyver.