AppGyver community dead? Support? Chat?


Any news/updates ? The forum is dead, the composer forum seams to be dead too.

Not sure if Supersonic/Steroids is still the right choice now…

Should we still consider steroids/supersonic as alternative to React Native / PhoneGap / Xamarin

Definitely not the right choice anymore. Ionic for the win.


well… a year has passed and I still don’t see very much activity here… too bad because I like this community!


I built a largish app using Appgyver awhile back for iOS. On the whole it was a great experience.

Recently I have come back to this app, with a mind to making an Android version. However in the time I have been away, it seems like the amount of activity on this forum has decreased a lot, and that not a lot of development has been done on core Steroids. (Old Cordova still?) When I saw this thread, I will not lie, I felt my heart sink…

I hate the idea of migrating to some other framework for this project, as it will mean throwing away a huge amount of work. On the other hand, if that is what I have to do, I would rather do it now. (I do not want to wait for the situation where Apple releases a new OS that breaks old Appgyver apps, and Appgyver does not bother to release an update.)

Appygyver development team: Are you still around? Is Steroids a dying project, as the broad consensus here in this thread seems to suggest? (Not trying to be confrontational about this – but this is a heavy decision I need to make, and it would be nice to hear from you before I make it.) (Or, I suppose if I don’t hear from you, that will also be an answer, of sorts.)

Regardless of what the future holds, thanks for the work you have done on Steroids over the years. It’s a cool tool. (It would be a shame if it has reached the end.)


You know you won’t get any reply from them do you? I have 4 large apps with them I share your frustration.

I answer to you: one day, Apple will release a new version of IOS and your supersonic app will stop working.

Simple as that. Check Ionic 2 out! It’s simply amazing: angular 2, typescript. You can reuse most of the code. Migrate from angular 1 to angular 2 is not that bad, most of the directives it’s a simple change of the directive name… ng-repeat… ngfor


Follow @Freshtrack’s advice and move to Ionic. The dev experience with Ionic 2, Angular 2, & TypeScript (along with RxJS, Firebase, & VSCode for me) is great and getting better.

The time to jump ship on Steroids has long past. With the shift to Angular 2 you’d be coming up on a migration anyway. And on the bright side, you got to skip all the pains with Ionic’s Beta & RC process.


@Travis_Brunn – and others – we are still very much alive (hiring around 10 new people this year), but the focus has been and continues to be heavily on Composer.

We will be sunsetting Steroids/Supersonic, with a formal announcement coming in the nearish future. Our apologies for the muddy comms on this – the decision has taken a while as we’ve thought this through from all angles, and we’ll open up our process and vision in the announcement.

The underlying tech will continue to be developed to support Composer. We also plan to release the native wrapper code as open source in the Fall, so existing Steroids/Supersonic apps will not be stranded.

At the same time, Composer is becoming more and more of a power developer tool, and we have very cool stuff in the pipeline. We strongly believe the proper kind of visual builder will transform the way apps (and their backends) are made, especially for enterprise business-to-employee / business-to-business scenarios.

In any case, we want to thank everyone for the journey thus far, and we hope you will give Composer a spin in the coming months, as we roll out some of the upcoming features.

How do I hide the navigation bar when running supersonic.ui.layers.push?

@Harri_Sarsa any suggestions on where should we plan to migrate so that most of our Steroid/Supersonic sources would be mostly reusable?


Thanks for the honest response… I really enjoyed using steroids so it is kind of sad. Open sourcing the native wrapper is the right thing to do for all the people that have running apps that took a lot of time and effort to develop, I think that leaving that many people and apps stranded will make you guys loose developers trust even more and a PR nightmare if it gets to news sites so I want to thank appgyver for the tools you have built.


@Arthur Ionic is the best bet in our opinion, though the structure is significantly different (most imporantly, Ionic apps are SPA versus Supersonic MPA). Both are Angular-based though, and Supersonic uses Ionic for CSS, so the migration shouldn’t be too impossible with some creative copy-and-pasting.


Do you mean that when you stop the support for it we wouldn’t be able to compile our app anymore? what if Apple releases a new version of IOS? will be able to compile for it?


Does this mean if iOS 11 is released we can have the very same issues as last year (when iOS 10 was fixed) very late before release. But this year nothing will be fixed anymore. So we have to move over asap to another hybrid or native framework??


The plan is to release the native wrapper source code as open source, so you will be able to compile your apps with Xcode/Android Studio after the Build Service is taken offline for Steroids/Supersonic apps.

This also means any potential issues with the iOS 10 > 11 transition will have to be tackled by the community, as we likely won’t be providing official support at that point. That said, the splashscreen issue last time was purely about webcomponents.js, with no changes to the native wrapper needed. It’s likely there won’t be anything gigantic coming up, but you unfortunately never know with Apple.


Seems this is the only thread looked at now :frowning:
Does anybody think they could throw some hints or clues on this issue… iOS navigation-bar styling issues
I know we’re nearing end-of-life but I just launched an app and can’t for the life of me work out why the navbar styles wouldn’t be working… I just need to buy some time to have the app ported to Ionic.


I just don’t understand why such a short notice. You could at least guarantee the next ios 11 compatibily, and giving developers and companies at least a year time to migrate the apps. We are mid March IOS 11 is due on June 5th how you guys think some of us are gonna able to migrate all the apps to Ionic?
Please tell me this is not happening.


window.postMessage doesn’t seem to be working on iOS 11 anymore. This is a big deal for our app. When is the plan to open source the native wrapper source code ???


The plan is to release the native wrapper source code as open source

Any news on this? will this before iOS 11 official release? will you guys fix any iOS 11 issues on the wrapper?

Project is dead?