AppGyver community dead? Support? Chat?


I hear you. I could say that we know it looks bad and that we have a clear path ahead, but we realize the weight of those words is diminishing, until we’ve got everything together to make the next big announcement and show you something concrete. Sorry for that.

I want to empahsize one thing, though. Our target audience isn’t and won’t be non-techies – we realize how important the developer mindset is when you truly want to deliver valuable apps. Just because we’re building a visual tool that will allow apps to be delivered way faster than by coding from scratch (even with a great framework), doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get your hands dirty and have the freedom of coding.


I’m aligned with Chris.

I made 5 complex business applications with Steroids/Supersonic. The problem is that they are huge. Too much effort migrating. I posted on the forum some question regarding angular material support, never answered.
I’m using SQLite plugin in all of them and I feel like I’m just waiting the day AppGyver will say “ops, sorry guys, we disabled certain plugins in order to develop new exciting features…”…

12 Developer working on new exciting features and they cannot have at least one of them looking after steroids/supersonic?

To me Appgyver is no longer an option for new projects unless is a single page project with no plugin, no page transition, nothing. I wouldn’t recommend Appgyver to anyone excepts my competitors.

Microsoft purchased Xamarin, hopefully will be integrated in VS Express for free.


I go to a top 15 university as a Computer Science undergrad. I’d consider myself competent at programming.

My professor is forcing us to use this framework for our software dev class. We’re tearing our hair out over how frustrating this framework is to debug (no line numbers, heisenbugs and/or things not working with no error messages, etc.).

You may have seen me posting in threads on this forum trying to answer year-old support questions. I’m doing this to help the next unfortunate souls who have to take this class. Some questions (which are top results on Google) have no support from the AppGyver team at all.

Every CS student in my university who has taken this class (and by extension all their CS friends) have nothing positive to say about this framework. All I can say is just remember that while you’re working on Composer 2, the name AppGyver is developing a serious negative reputation in our school’s CS department.

Sorry to be harsh, but from the perspective of a college student, that’s the truth.


Meanwhile, Ionic is alive and well. I bounced back and forth between the two before settling on Ionic. I had too many frustrations with AppGyver, similar to @Michael_Wang. It’s been smooth sailing with Ionic.


I can’t believe this… It’s now almost July and not a single response anymore from the appgyver-team… :cry:
I hate to admit that I am VERY sorry that I chose appgyver in the past to create my apps…
Though it will probably cost me a lot of time, I guess I’ll have to give ionic a try…

Anybody knows about some (good) tutorials on how to convert an app from appgyver to ionic?


Any tutorials you might find for converting will probably be oldish and still on Angular 1.x. I’d recommend jumping in head first with Angular 2 / Ionic 2 / TypeScript. Do the tutorial and the rest of the docs at and then onto Ionic’s getting started stuff.


We’re still here! Things have been progressing significantly slower than we anticipated, and we apologize for this. We decided to not post periodic “things are happening soon, promise” updates until we had something tangible to present – which is still around the corner, unfortunately. We understand the frustration and are working really hard to get to a point where we can bring more clarity to the situation.


Can one of you keep browsing the forum ?

Every week there’s a lot of people asking for help or having issues that someone of the AppGyver Team could easily answer.


We do monitor the forum to see if e.g. there’s something fundamental broken (like iOS 10 support, which we are fixing), but otherwise the prioritization effort means that we don’t at the moment have resources to provide support for non-paying users. Sorry!

Should we still consider steroids/supersonic as alternative to React Native / PhoneGap / Xamarin
Throws me a error [object Object] when I try to sign in with Facebook in my app
Facebook Connect: "Cannot read property 'facebook' of undefined"

iOS 10 support is the priority, i agree.
No appgyver apps working (including scanner…)
Just show up and close immediately when trying to open.
Tried to upload mobileprovision but still crashing
I’m kind of worried about that…


I am a paying customer and am not receiving the kind of priority support I need. I have an app that should be deployed on Friday, but the facebook plugin is not working. My client’s contract is coming to an end, so this is an emergency and I’m just not getting the love I would expect.


Did you try the email support ?


I share your frustration guys. They made a great thing with supersonic. Then it’s a long time they are not improving it… or making it compatible with new things… for example angular material is great I would like to use it… but it doesn’t work. It work only on a release of about 2 years ago… Xamarin is now free… being a web developer mainly the learning curve will be a bit longer I think. Will see…


+1 Frustrated Customer


I love AppGyver and Steroids and would pay for a working debugger. Is there any upgrade premium upgrade available that consistently will log with steroids.logger.log or supersonic.logger.log or where the inspect logs page doesn’t have that infinite angular error? It’s hard working through issues when I can’t print them out. Thanks! Again if there is any payable option I will take it, AppGyver + Steroids has been an amazing product and I quite like it here.


iOS10 support was implemented with v5.0.1-rc1; you can rebuild your app from the Build Service and it will work. See for details. You need to switch to webcomponents-lite.js if you’re using Web Components (i.e. <super-navbar> etc).


Thank you very much Harri,
I try it right now!


All right, it’s working with v5.0.1-rc1.
Good news!


@Harri_Sarsa I am not using any Web Components and I am using webcomponents-lite.js, but I still get that infinite angular error when I inspect the log page after running steroids connect --no-watch.

Here is one of the few threads surrounding the issue: Logs not appearing in Steroids Connect


@Codemax999 the log page/logging implementation never got to a very stable state, unfortunately. It hasn’t been receiving a lot of love and is low on prio; the recommended method for now is just to use Web Inspector (Debug scanner and Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android). Pages can be refreshed to get logs from the beginning of page load (which is something the Supersonic logger implementation doesn’t anyway do, since it only starts to function after the JS library is loaded).