Appgyver Android crop not working with camera plugin


I’m trying to pick image from gallery with following supersonic api method

with following options:

                    var options = {
                        quality: 80,
                        allowEdit: 1,
                        saveToPhotoAlbum: true,
                        correctOrientation: true,
                        encodingType: 1,
                        correctOrientation: true

But in Android if I pick image from Gallery allowEdit works and I successfully crop the selected image but if I choose image from Photos (In samsung there’s option to pick image from this) sometimes it doesn’t return the URI or at another time it just returns the image URI without going through crop work.

Please help me to solve this critical issue. Even I tried direct cordova method to get image from gallery, that have the same problem.

Please also suggest me how I can upgrade cordova in my project, as build procedure is remotely. I add some plugins which are just rejected due to old version of cordova.

Thanks in advance.