Android keyboard covers inputs


The keyboard pops out on top of the viewport and covers the inputs at the lower part.

On iOS it works good when the keyboard pops out below the viewport.

I have seen other (old) similar posts, but no one that solves this for me.


I finally found the solution (and cause) for this.

In my code I used this call to hide the statusbar on Android:

As soon as I removed any reference to it it worked as intended.



Same problem with some “old” devices (ie. Samsung Galaxy S2, android 4.1.2).

“” generates problems on Android:

  • the page covered by the keyboard is not scrollable, no way to scroll an autocompletion list for example.
  • the text typed in an input field doesn’t “update” but the predictive words in the keyboard appears normally. If you rotate the screen (portrait > landscape > portrait) then the input content is updated.

If you remove “”, everything works fine.
I tested “” and there is no problem.

“” seems to interfere with the view and it’s really a problem.
The user experience is really bad (slow, approximate…) when it’s not unusable!
Unless you don’t use “” and keep the status bar visible.

And for the moment there is no way to hide the status bar in the config.

Any solution ?