Android build breaks complaining about XCode?


Hello AppGyver people,

I need some help figuring out why the AppGyver ANDROID build system breaks with this error:

Adding plugin from:
Does not appear to be an xcode project, no xcode project file in STAGING/client/modules/AGCordova

This plugin is the Tune Cordova plugin which is heavily used by Android cordova apps. What is the android appgyver build doing differently here ?

Is this really all the log output from the ApgGyver build? There should be more to look at…

Android Push Notifications

Bump-- AppGyver, plz advise, I need to resolve this in a timely fashion and I cannot without getting more output from the build.


That’s an error coming directly from plugman (the Cordova plugin manager). I tried to install this plugin locally and I get the same error.

Are you able to install this plugin on a vanilla Cordova project?


Seems to. Tune engineers report that this works as expected.

‘plugman install -platform android -project ./platforms/android -plugin’ works for me as well.


This plugin on Android requires cordova android 4.0.0+ to build with gradle instead of ant.

What cordova android version is used? Could you share the output of
’cordova platform list’?


Steroids currently uses Cordova 3.5.0.


Yeah, the problem in in Plugman then. We’re using Plugman for Cordova 3.5.x which seems to be incompatible with the new plugin configuration. However, we’re building with gradle.

If the plugin itself doesn’t have any requirements for Cordova 4.x, you could try modifying the plugin.xml so that it can be installed with the previous version of Plugman.


have you found a solution ? what did you change?


I would be interested in a solution, too. I’m facing the same issue, as described here:

Can anybody help?


No solution – the offender is basically that you can’t use a tag like <framework src=""/> in plugin.xml, even though that’s what latest plugman plugin spec expects to work. With our Build Service, the <framework> tag only works with the custom="true" flag, which installs frameworks from within the plugin source files.


still pretty bad as many plugins make use especially of google play-services …

maybe there is a possibility to include them on your side befor including the plugins? So another field in the build process where we can some frameworks to include. Then we fork the plugins and remove the <framework line …



this is starting to be a fairly considerable issue, ie local-notifications not building, its near impossible to get basic functions (playing a custom sound) on local notification working. The 8.x train is required for that.


@Seb_Martel @Petrus_Repo any luck with the issue ?
i am facing the same issue.


Solution: Appgyver Build fails