Android 4.1.0 available


Major update is here! Android 4.1.0 updates the internals to Crosswalk 14 (Chromium 43).

There’s a breaking change: CSS rule overflow: hidden for html or body will break scrolling. Remove rules for overflow or replace them with overflow: auto.

Please see the changelog for full listing:

Scanner 4.1.0 will be available from the Google Play later today. You can already request 4.1.0 builds from the Build Service.

Happy hacking!


What do you mean “will break scrolling”? We use overflow: hidden extensively to allow inner divs to have scrolling without scrolling the page. Are you saying that overflow: hidden for html or body will break all scrolling?


There’s an internal change in the updated Chromium engine which introduces that behaviour. If overflow:hidden is applied on html or body element, then the whole document will be unscrollable. Try 4.1.0 out and let us know how it worked for you.


I don’t have a Build 4.1.0 option on my build service page yet. Is it really available or am i missing something?
The latests are 4.0.7-edge1 and 4.0.6.

Thank you!


Also can’t see the new build, 4.0.7-edge1 being the latest


I’m terribly sorry :grimacing:

I accidentally created Android 4.1.0 version for the very old legacy android … whose internal name is “android” (and the real deal is “android_fresh”). This has now been fixed and the 4.1.0 builds should be visible. Please give it a spin :slight_smile:


loading views and the loading view seems better now, but theres still a hefty delay in rendering between dismissing the initialView and the first tab view

this is on an sgs3 running lollipop, and a nexus 6p running marshmallow


We got a great performance increase with this new update on our app. Thank you.
The only problem that we didn’t managed to solve is that our modals work fine when showed at the first time but when the same modal with the same view is shown a second time it appears to have no view with a blank dark grey screen. The view is still there and working through the chrome inspector. The same code is working perfectly on Android 4.0.6.


Ok, thanks for the report! I created a bug report.