AdMob AppGyver Plugin - Interstitial Ads crash (Android)


I’m using the plugin made by AppGyver:

The steps below replicate the crash:

  1. Create an interstitial ad - createInterstitialView
  2. Request the ad - requestAd
  3. 3-5 seconds pass, then it crashes

I also made sure that the ad is indeed interstitial and not a banner ad. I even tried changing the specific ad type on AdMob’s settings. So there are 3 types of interstitial ads: Text, Image and Video. I tried it with all of them, and even did each one individually as well. Nothing has worked, they all make the app crash. Also just to mention, I am building the app as an ad hoc build because for some reason building it as a custom scanner app doesn’t display ads whatsoever.

Fortunately I got banner ads to work, but I really need interstitial ads for my app. If anyone has got interstitial ads to work on Android, I would really appreciate the help.

(Side note, I think this individual has had the same problem: “Harsaharsa” said it might be due to Supersonic’s MPA structure, but it sounded like he wasn’t sure.)


+1 to having the same problem.


Hi @Rameen_Mashhoon,

I have the same problem, your post is very old. How did you continue? Did you find another plugin?