Steroids Bugs

Application launch URL is not immediately available (4)
Scanner stuck in portrait on iOS simulator (9)
Torch feature does not work with BarcodeScanner on iOS (1)
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[My mistake] Window.cordova.plugin undefined on Android (1)
Npm install 404 errors (3)
New error after steroids update (16)
Run steroids connect on cordova project fail (5) not working on add hoc build (3)
Last update stopped js methods detecting button click events (3)
Angular Material Support (1)
$ fails on new Android 4.10 Release (5)
Steroids not connecting anymore (3)
Ionicons fail within proportionally positioned element (2)
Navbar gone blank after cancel back action (3)
pickContact crashing app on iOS linked contact selection (2)
Metronome in JavaScript (5)
Steroid connect error (1)
Invalid property name: İnitialView (3)
App not compatible with Nexus 6 (3)
Steroids error since update (3) push notifications :: JSON on Android notification bar (1)
IMPORTANT: iOS Scanner/steroids not working on iphone 6 (3)
Super-icons in supersonic.ui.NavigationBarButton (2)
The latest release of Steroids does not recognise internal IP address within angularJS controller for ajax calls (1)
Major Blocker for Drawer Apps on iOS and Android (17)
Problems in IOS 9 - DOMException 12 (5)
Steroids v4.1.19 not updating (2)